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Reel Redemption

The Rise of Christian Cinema

Let there be lights, camera, action.

Hollywood and the Church make for odd bedfellows. But the success of many faith-based movies can’t be denied.

Join writer and director Tyler Smith as he explores the dichotomy of the sacred and the secular in the film industry. This feature-length video essay dives into the history of Christianity’s suspicion and admonishment of conventional cinema and the surprisingly popular genre of Christian films that has managed not only to persevere, but often, to flourish.

2020 Franklin International Film Festival | Best Faith Based Feature Film 2020 International Christian Film and Music Festival Official Selection
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Tyler Smith

Writer | Director

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith is best known for cohosting the long-running film criticism podcast Battleship Pretension and the podcast award nominated More Than One Lesson. He has released two books of reviews and essays, Worth Watching and Cinematic Suffering. In 2018, he produced the Faithlife series Faith and Filmmaking. He has given talks at the International Christian Film Festival, San Diego Comic Con, Alpha Omega Con, and the Hollywood Divine Film Festival. He currently works as a film critic and college instructor in Los Angeles.

Additional Voices

Mike Siegel, Aaron Neuwirth

Graphics and Title Design

Micah Ellis


Amsi Hernandez


Reuben Evans

Executive Producer

Bob Pritchett

Special Thanks

Jenny Smith, Jason Eakon, David Bax

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