ET201 Introduction to Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues

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In this course Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), provides an introduction to Christian ethics. After an overview of the scope of ethics, Dr. Moore focuses on wisdom and how the biblical narrative forms and reorders the conscience. He then explores a variety of important contemporary topics showing how they relate to different aspects of Christian ethics. Dr. Moore covers topics like religious liberty, gender, marriage and divorce, sexual ethics, human dignity, race, immigration, war and peace, capital punishment, the environment, poverty, and political economy. The course was part of a two-day ethics seminar by the ERLC Academy and was filmed in Nashville, TN in 2019. It includes two breakout sessions. In the first breakout session, Dr. Andrew T. Walker addresses ethical issues regarding biological sex, gender, and transgenderism. In the second breakout session, Dr. Michael P. Farris provides an overview of religious liberty in the US, with special attention to the Supreme Court’s view on this matter.