Grace Calls Video Series: Spiritual Recovery after Abandonment, Addiction, or Abuse

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We live in a world full of abandonment, addiction, and abuse. Many Christians have suffered some kind of trauma and that trauma has affected their spiritual growth. This course addresses issues of abandonment, addiction, and abuse from a biblical perspective with the goal of spiritual growth and recovery in mind. In the course, David and Robin Weidner, authors of Grace Calls, emphasize that God’s grace is at the center of spiritual recovery. By sharing their own struggles, they show how the voice of grace allows for growth and healing of spiritual or emotional wounds. Through twelve sessions they move from darkness, to re-creation, and then finally to rest. In part one, darkness, you will learn how to identify and confront areas of trauma in your life. Part two, re-creation, covers how God uses your past trauma to create beauty. In the final section, rest, you will learn to use your wounds to minister to and heal others.