OT362 Book Study: Ezekiel

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Join Old Testament scholar Daniel Block as he helps recover the message of an enigmatic prophet. Book Study: Ezekiel (OT362) begins with an introduction to the book and its author. Dr. Block then explores the text according to its genres including the different roles—the visionary, watchman, dramatist, debater, spinner of parables and fanciful tales, prosecutor, and herald of both bad and good news—Ezekiel plays. Dr. Block examines well-known passages like the valley of the dry bones or the Gog and Magog oracle, as well as the confusing imagery found in the book. He concludes the course by looking at the outpouring of the Spirit in the Old and New Testaments focusing on what the outpouring of the Spirit signifies and differentiating between the meaning of the spirit being put into a people and being poured out on them.