CH307 Augustine of Hippo: Context and Influence

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In Augustine of Hippo: Context and Influence Dr. Scott Harrower surveys the life of St. Augustine. See how Augustine rose from his middle class birth in unsung Thagaste to his prominent position as rhetoric teacher in the Roman imperial court in Milan and transformed from his ambitious and selfish careerism to a humble servant of the Church in Hippo and defender of some of the foundational doctrines of Christianity. Trace Augustine’s intellectual, philosophical, and spiritual journey as you see how Augustine sought truth and wisdom in Greek philosophy, Manichaeism, and other philosophies, before eventually finding it in Christianity. Learn how the grace and love of God played a powerful role in this man’s life, transforming him from a selfish, proud man into one of the most significant influences not only in the life of the Church, but also in the development of Western civilization.