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ANUMASA (INEXHAUSTIBLE WATER) is an award-winning short Docu-film shot by a team of four in 10 days covering the other side of slavery. Most know about the whitewashed version of the Trans-Atlantic, Middle passage, slave trade and slavery in the Americas; but most do not know about the slave raids, slave markets and slave dungeons that preceded the Trans-Atlantic taking place on the coast and in the heart of West Africa, specifically in Ghana. ANUMASA (INEXHAUSTIBLE WATER) is a short docu-film told from the voice of Ghanaians' on what preceded the Middle passage–raids, deals, and markets–in the Southern and Northern parts of Ghana. This short docu-film shows a compelling truth omitted from history. After viewing the gruesome realities of what people made it through in this short docu-film, you will come to understand the strength and hope of Ghana's word and its people in their embodiment of ANUMASA–INEXHAUSTIBLE WATER.