TH351 Perspectives on Justification by Faith: Five Views on Its Meaning and Significance

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The doctrine of justification is central to the Christian faith. However, believers from different backgrounds have a variety of different understandings of what exactly being “justified by faith” means. In this course, five preeminent theologians present their perspectives on justification: • D.A. Carson—A Biblical-Theological Perspective • Edith M. Humphrey—An Eastern Orthodox Perspective • Scott Hahn—A Roman Catholic Perspective • Matthew Bates—A Perspective on Faith as Allegiance in Justification • Michael F. Bird—A Reformed Perspective Nuanced by Historical Considerations Each speaker explores what justification is, what faith is, and what the relationship between justification and faith is. You’ll come away from the course with a more distinct understanding of the different positions on justification and a renewed appreciation for God’s work of salvation.