TH293 Israelology: The Doctrine of Israel

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The issue of Israel is one of the major points of division in evangelical theology today. This is true both among Arminians and Calvinists. An evangelical theologian’s view of Israel will determine whether he is a Covenant Theologian or a Dispensationalist. It will also determine what kind of Covenant Theologian he is: postmillennial, amillennial, or premillennial. The question of Israel is central for a proper Systematic Theology. Paul, in his epistle to the Romans, which contains the first Systematic Theology in Church history, expounds on Israel in the center of his epistle, devoting three full chapters (9–11) out of sixteen to this topic. Yet, while there are many Systematic Theologies today which have systematized areas of biblical truth, none thus far have developed an Israelology as part of their system. The primary purpose of this course is to identify and systematize the doctrine of Israel through four Protestant conservative/evangelical Systematic Theologies. This purpose includes identifying and defining the four systems of theology and the Systematic Theology upon which they are based; showing where Israelology fits into the framework of a total Systematic Theology; and, determining how a theological system may lead to anti-Semitism, pro-Semitism, or indifference to the issue. The secondary purpose of this course is to develop and systematize a theology of Israel consistent within the framework of Dispensationalism.