AR271 The Seven Cities of Revelation

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To understand the book of Revelation better, one must understand the world in which its first audience lived. This principle is basic to the interpretation of any New Testament letter, but it’s easy to forget when reading Revelation. Many people get caught up in the visions and forget that, from beginning to end, Revelation had to make good sense to Christians in Asia Minor toward the end of the first century; if it was going to speak to anyone at all, it had to speak to them. In this course, Dr. David deSilva provides a visual tour of the local contexts of the seven cities addressed in Revelation. Beginning at the island of Patmos, Dr. deSilva examines the archaeology of these sites, explaining what this can tell us about the everyday world the early Christians encountered in these places. This course—enriched with photographs of the sites—will give you a sense of how the first audiences in these cities might have encountered the visions and oracles of Revelation.