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When Love Walks In

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Irresponsible... Distant... Self-serving... These are the snapshots that describe John Redgrave (Kent C. Williamson). But that’s before his wife (Melissa Dawn Bryant) dies and leaves him alone to raise their three-year-old daughter (Savannah Grace). Emotionally devastated,John attempts to pick up the pieces of his shattered life as his overzealous father (Bill Williamson) rushes him to find a mother for his little girl. He could fall for Annelise Machiavelli (Maggie Jones), the aspiring artist he’s hired as a baby-sitter, but his lingering grief continues to make him hesitant and uncertain about committing to a new relationship. Though Annelise stands ready to teach him that even tragedy can open the door to new opportunity, self-doubt, selfish ambition, and a crazy potential mother-in-law (Terri Moore) always seem to get in the way. Grief may conquer him... Fear may ruin him... But everything changes... When Love Walks In.