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Israel, A Journey Through Time

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Vol 1 - From Abraham To Jesus

Vol 1 - From Abraham To Jesus

Can a nation be born in a day? This unit both asks and answers this profound question by tracing the history of the Jewish children of Abraham from the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70, through 20 centuries of exile among the nations, up and until their miraculous return to their ancient and biblical homeland, Israel. The unit also examines how a once desolate and treeless landscape was transformed into a Garden of Eden, and as an amazing fulfillment of ancient prophecies. At its rebirth in 1948, Israel’s Jewish population stood at 600,000. Today it is closer to 6 million. ALIYAH is the word used to describe this mass migration. And who can explain this incredible population shift out of exile and into a nation whose enemies daily threaten her demise, apart from seeing it as divine providence? Simply put, the God of Israel is at work keeping His covenant promises to His Chosen people by summoning them home from the North, South, East and West!!