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Coming Clean

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The life of Jorge Valdés is an incredible testimony of the power of God to set free those bound by sin. After escaping Castro's Cuba in 1966, ten-year-old Jorge and his family fled to Miami. Bright and aggressive, Jorge became an honor student and, by the age of sixteen, was working for the Federal Reserve Bank. But a few years later, he went to work for the Medellin drug cartel - one of the largest and most powerful organized crime webs in the world. Soon Jorge was in charge of all the cartel's U.S. operations, making more than $1 million a month. But in 1989 Jorge Valdés encountered a person much more powerful than the strongest drug lord - one able to offer something more satisfying than anything women, drugs, money, prestige, or power could provide. This exciting video will introduce you to Jorge Valdes and his incredible story of forgiveness, renewal, and hope. And it offers a dramatic illustration of the power of the gospel to change lives.