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Journey Of Hope

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IF YOUR HOPE NEEDS TO BE REVIVED…IF YOUR HOPE HAS BEEN LOST…IF YOU HAVE NO HOPE AT ALL. LISTEN TO THESE STORIES OF HOPE. THIS COULD BE YOUR STORY. Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the reason for suffering? Is there a purpose for pain? Are we just victims of circumstance? Is there a God? And if God is real, does He care about us individually in our deepest despair? If you or a loved one are asking these questions, if you are in a valley of depression or despair, you desperately need hope. You need a hope that is real, a hope that is firm, a hope that lasts no matter how long or deep your valley. How did Dave Dravecky, the famous pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, find HOPE after his pitching arm snaps and he has to face life as an amputee? Charlie Wedemeyer is one of the most winning coaches in the history of high school football who found HOPE confined to a wheelchair with Lou Gehrig's disease. Journey of Hope provides you with the hope you will need to overcome fear, pain, loneliness, doubt and despair - with a hope that is real, a hope you can build your life upon.