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In The Shadow Of Babylon

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Throughout time the human race has been besieged by an unseen religious force. This unrelenting power has deceived the nations, raining down on the inhabitants of earth as an almost perfect storm. The Scripture calls it Mystery Babylon, and it is characterized in the apocalypse in symbolic form as the "Great Harlot." This powerful force impersonates herself, subtly posing in the name of truth deceiving the multitudes. It is the mother of all religions and the power that fragments even the Church. It is Mystery Babylon. She pours out her wine and the nations have become drunk with her deception, but still she goes about unnoticed. Who is she, where is she and how has she deceived the nations? Do we all lie in the shadow of Mystery Babylon? This video reveals the source of all religious confusion, not only in the obvious cults, sects, denominations, but also in the more subtle tones of Christianity. She how pagan Babylon has infected the world’s religions, even to the door of your own church.