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25 Messianic Signs

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In the ancient ages the Hebrew prophets predicted that before the advent of their promised Messiah there would come specific signs that would signal the end of the age. But not until the recent return of the Jews (1948) were these prophecies taken seriously. Today those signs have become crystal clear, even to the most casual observer. From the mountains flowing with sweet wine to the wars of the Jews to the fabled and sealed eastern gate and much more. You will hear and see it all as 25 Messianic Signs brings to you the unfolding drama of the prophetic signs that point to the unparalleled and momentous event of our time; the return of the Messiah. Join prophetic scholar Dr. Noah Hutchings and Ken Klein as they take you on a prophetic tour of the Holy Land, explaining twenty-five Messianic signs that point to the return of Christ.