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The Search for Jesus

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These programs examine and respond to the conclusions reached in the ABC special The Search for Jesus. It answers questions like: Was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Do the Gospels contradict one another? Does History support the outline of Jesus' life as given in the Gospels? After He was crucified, was Jesus' body eaten by dogs? Was He buried in a tomb? Were Jesus' appearances psychological events or physical appearances? Host, Dr. John Ankerberg, and many of the world's top scholars and archaeologists discuss these and other questions about Jesus' life and ministry.
1. The Jesus Seminar and The Birth of Jesus

1. The Jesus Seminar and The Birth of Jesus

These combined ten minute segments tackle tough questions that many Christians face such as, "Are the four Gospels reliable?, Were the writers of the Gospels eyewitnesses?, Was Jesus born in Bethlehem or Nazareth?, Can we accept the story of the virgin birth?"