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Dino Hunter

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Dino Hunter is a documentary series that explores dinosaurs from a biblical worldview, helping you see evidence often overlooked in mainstream science. The episodes cover the latest discoveries and feature top experts. Dino Hunter is hosted by Jeremy McLaughin, an Emmy Award-winning television series host. He gets his hands dirty and travels around the world to bring you incredible evidence for the biblical worldview.
Dino Hunter – The Discovery of Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Dino Hunter – The Discovery of Dinosaur Soft Tissue

In this episode of Dino Hunter, Jeremy explores the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue, how the discovery was ridiculed by evolutionary scientists, and how paleontologist Mary Schweitzer proved them wrong. Then, in 2012, creationist Mark Armitage took Mary’s research and found his own soft tissue—adding to Mary's incredible discovery, which supports the biblical worldview. See amazing video of soft tissue and microscopic photos of dinosaur blood vessels, red blood cells, collagen, and osteocytes . . . tissue that should not exist if dinosaurs are millions of years old!