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A Man Named Martin - Part 3: The Movement

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The Movement completes the trilogy begun with Parts 1 and 2, The Man and The Moment. Here viewers will see how God was at work in the Reformation, in the lives of the men and women that shaped it, and in the societal transformations that resulted.
A Man Named Martin - Part 3 The Movement - Episode 1

A Man Named Martin - Part 3 The Movement - Episode 1

Francis I was 20 years old when he inherited the throne of France in 1515.  Though both he and Charles V were Catholic, they were openly hostile toward each other.  Their armies fought many battles over territories in Italy.  Francis I was captured by Charles V’s army in 1525 at the Battle of Pavia, and Charles V was faced with the question of what to do with a captured, reigning sovereign of Europe.  Charles V eventually imposed harsh terms, which Francis I agreed to, but had no intention to fulfill.  Francis I would engage him again several more times throughout the course of their reigns before Francis’ death in 1547.  The wars with France cost Charles much time, effort, and resources he would have rather spent elsewhere (facing the Muslim threat or attempting to reclaim Protestant lands).  Francis I was brash, repeatedly challenging Charles V to individual combat in their younger days to settle their differences.  He was a persistent thorn in Charles V’s side.  Francis I was willing to aid anyone (including Protestants) who would destabilize Charles V’s domains.