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The Case for Intelligent Design

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Charles Darwin admitted he did not know how the first cell came into existence. But today, molecular biologists have discovered that the human cell is not simple, but complex beyond belief. In the nucleus of each cell is the DNA molecule, which contains a storehouse of 3 billion characters of precise information in digital code. This digital code is crucial to the origin and function of all plants, animals and humans. But where did this complex DNA code come from in the first place? And why is it that an all-powerful intelligent designer is a better scientific explanation than Darwinism for the genetic information found in the DNA molecule.
1.  The Importance of the Cambrian Explosion

1. The Importance of the Cambrian Explosion

In this program, Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. Stephen Meyer explore why the Cambrian explosion is leading many scientists to reject the text-book theory of evolution known as neo-Darwinism. This episode is from the series, "The Mystery of the Missing Fossils".