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Zack's Zap Pack

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Follow the life of a tween-age boy named Zack, whose world turns upside down when his family moves to a new town, then turns bizarre when he gets "zapped" into his school backpack. But Zack's life and attitude are transformed as he learns stories from the Bible, about kids who were living out their faith in God, from a zany group of animated characters living in his backpack. This this initial installment of the Zack's Zap Pack series contains six sitcom-style episodes composed of live action and animation. Zack's adventure comes to life when his mom gives him a second-hand back pack which contains an interesting surprise that will change his world forever. As Zack encounters problems and dilemmas in his life, he is transported into the Zap Pack where a pencil, eraser and calculator relate biblical stories reflecting situations similar to what Zack is experiencing in his life.