GK091 Interactive Greek Alphabet Course (Koine Version)

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This course on the Greek alphabet provides interactive instruction to help you memorize the Greek alphabet and learn the pronunciation of individual letters, letter groups, whole words, and phrases. There are different Greek pronunciation systems and traditions. This course teaches a reconstructed pronunciation system that reflects the common pronunciation of the language in the period of the NT (the Koine system). GK092 is another version of this course that presents an Erasmian pronunciation system (which is used in most seminaries). This course includes a wealth of multimedia helps and resources, which appeals to a diverse array of learning preferences. The course is divided into eight segments, and each segment typically has three parts (instruction, activities, and additional references and tools). The concise instruction sections typically have a video lecture, learning objectives, and a transcript or another supplemental text. The activities sections each provide a number of tasks or interactive apps to help you practice and achieve the learning objectives for each segment. The additional references and tools sections have information to help you answer questions you may have as you work through activities. Sometimes it has resources or links for further study to help take you beyond the specific objectives for the course.