PD332 A Christian Perspective on Work and the Economy

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Explore why it’s important for us to understand our daily work as something intimately connected with our faith, and how this allows our faith to be a full-time way of life rather than something that we squeeze in for a few hours a week. Delve into how work is central to the image of God, and learn that all people are made to work together with each other as stewards of the world. Consider how the fall brought darkness, evil, and injustice into the world of work, and then look at how redemption and the Holy Spirit restore us to the image of God and empower us to persevere through toil and frustration in our work. Dig into the economic context of the changing global economy, and contrast our current world of work with what existed in biblical times. We are going to be looking at issues like poverty and justice and how we promote the dignity of all people, as well as how we can do our work in a way that brings flourishing to our communities. We will also look at the role of work in how the church can fit into a pluralistic culture.