TH341 Perspectives on Eschatology: Five Views on the Millennium

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Eschatology, the study of end times, is one of the most debated subjects in Christianity. Believers hold different positions on important topics like the rapture of believers, a seven-year tribulation period, and the nature of the millennial reign of Christ. In this course, five preeminent theologians and New Testament scholars put forth their perspectives on eschatology: • Darrell L. Bock—Pre-tribulation Premillennialism • Douglas J. Moo—Post-tribulation Premillennialism • Sam Storms—Amillennialism • Peter J. Leithart—Postmillennial Preterism • N. T. Wright—New Heavens, New Earth Eschatology After hearing each side of the eschatology debate, you’ll have a better understanding of the different positions Christians hold about the end times and be able to explain the various issues involved when studying eschatology.