LT270 Study the Bible with Logos: Jonah 1:1–16

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This course was designed to help you study the Bible. That’s its first purpose. But part of learning how to study is learning to use your tools well, so we have included substantial instruction on the use of Logos Bible Software as well. Studying the Bible with Logos can be as simple as typing a passage or topic in a box and hitting enter. It’s an ideal tool for the “Observation, Interpretation, Application” Bible study method we’ll be using, even if you never become a Logos expert. But the best way to gain facility with this tool is to use it in actual Bible study. So that’ what we’ll do. The units in this course correspond to the three stages of Bible study. The course is further segmented into ten steps, which will help you study the Bible whether you use Logos or not. This course was adapted from the longer LT271, which is also included with your software. LT271 will give you greater insight into the passage and more detail on the tools to find it, while this abridgment is suited to those who wish to fast-track their introduction to Bible study with Logos. Please join us for one video a day for 10 days, and we’ll provide you with new Bible study skills and a better understanding of Jonah 1:1–16.