The Good Steward

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 01: Giving an Account, Part 1

01: Giving an Account, Part 1

1h 23m
All sincere believers long to hear those wonderful words from our Lord and Savior on Judgment Day: “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” But issues of stewardship can be as confusing as they are challenging. Is it biblical to borrow money? Is tithing commanded in Scripture? How much money is appropriate to keep, and how much should be given to the poor and needy? This 16-part series answers those questions and dozens more like them. It explains that true, biblical stewardship involves much more than just money. Both the history of Christianity and our own consciences testify to what the Bible clearly teaches: over-indulgence in material things is a morally dangerous and potentially deadly sin. Yet, even many denominations within Christendom have struggled greatly in determining where to draw the lines in indulgence which begs the question: if it is wrong to be overly-indulgent with material things, yet even the church itself has struggled in this area, then where does one draw such lines? How much is too much? The Good Steward has been designed to help draw those lines. Not by creating an arbitrary, man-made list of dos-and-don’ts. Rather, by exegetically drawing out from Scripture the principles, precepts and promises of God that will provide the true, sincere, regenerate Christian with a biblical template that can be safely and reliably placed over the myriad of ever-changing, highly individualized circumstances of life; a flexible template, yet one able to provide a definitive, unwavering, unchanging direction in each and every individual circumstance.