The Second Great Battle of Jericho

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The Second Great Battle of Jericho tells a story that affects every Christian today. For decades secular archaeologists have regularly announced discoveries that seem to contradict the Bible. A prime example of this was a conclusion by a reknowned archaeologist who stated publicly that the biblical account of the conquest of Jericho could not be factual. This eye-opening video shows how biblical archaeology uncovered the true story about the battle for Jericho and reversed world opinion. To experience the detective-like quest of biblical archaeology, viewers will join an actual dig to begin a search for the ancient city of Ai with Dr. Bryant Wood, Director of Associates for Biblical Research. Become part of the fascinating process of selecting the site, preparing for the excavation, and peeling back the layers of time to reveal the clues to ancient history. The Second Great Battle of Jericho will help Christians realize that the Bible is under attack today as never before! This faith-building presentation will encourage viewers never to be discouraged by claims that contradict the Bible. And it shows how biblical archaeology is providing us with the solid answers to both defend and promote the truth of God’s Word.