The Captivating Land of the Bible

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An understanding of the land of the Bible and unique customs of the times offers readers special insight into Scripture. Transported via video, viewers will travel to ancient Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in the comfort of their easy chairs. There they will experience an enjoyable, informative, and unforgettable excursion throughout the captivating land of the Bible. Much more than a travelogue, this video explains how God used the land and unique customs of Bible times to teach his people important spiritual lessons as recorded in Scripture. By understanding these concepts, one can better comprehend and apply many of the same valuable lessons. The video is hosted by Dr. Elwood McQuaid. He has written several books on Israel, led countless tours, and is a knowledgeable authority on Bible lands. In addition to seeing an amazing diversity of unique geographic terrain, viewers will visit many key places where dramatic biblical events unfolded. Join us on this informative video adventure featuring beautifully-photographed location scenes and specially-composed music. You’ll find this presentation a great faith-building experience and an excellent educational resource.