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Adventures in Retirement - What Next

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Retirement! The thought of it can fill you with dread--the feeling of being past your ‘sell by’ date--of being left on the shelf, no longer valued or needed. It may be a time of major adjustment, to life without a partner or with a long-term illness. Retirement can also be a time to start a new life, to fulfill long-held dreams. In this three-part series, hosts Margaret and Jeremy Collingwood introduce us to people who have discovered how retirement can be challenging and full of purpose.
Adventures in Retirement - What Next 1

Adventures in Retirement - What Next 1

Ron Jones was founder and pastor of a large Pentecostal Church in Bristol for many years. Now in his 90's his pastoral gifts are still being used in the retirement home where he now lives. But now, with his beloved wife Kath no longer by his side, he has had to learn to live on his own