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Joy Of Seeking God First

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In 1975 Anita Keagy made the painful decision to give a child up for adoption. The subsequent search for that child led not only to a joyful reunion with her daughter but to a profound discovery about how God seeks his own children and longs to reveal his true nature to them through His Word. Now you can discover the joy that thousands have experienced as they learn to prioritize time alone with God on a daily basis. You will be challenged to live out in a practical way Jesus’ command to “Seek first the kingdom of God.” A dynamic presenter, Anita Keagy shares six inspiring 40-minute sessions, recorded before a live audience, to equip you with simple tools and an easy-to-use plan to help you make daily time in God's Word a natural part of your life.
Joy Of Seeking God First Session 1 - Seeking God First

Joy Of Seeking God First Session 1 - Seeking God First

Anita defines what it means to be a "persistent-seeker" of God. "The Hebrew definition of earnestly is “to look early or diligently for,” in other words, to rise in immediate pursuit of God. The persistent seeker rises daily with a desire for knowing God. This desire is stronger than one’s desire to accomplish all the planned goals for that day."