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So Who Is This Jesus?

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Two thousand years ago a man was born who changed the course of history. He was betrayed by one of his twelve followers and executed for crimes he did not commit. His name is familiar to us all -- even if only as a swear word. But who is he -- who is this Jesus? Russell Boulter provides answers to the question in a down-to-earth, no nonsense style. Filmed in Israel, this program has been designed specifically to help people with no previous knowledge of Jesus to have a better understanding of who He is.
So Who Is This Jesus? - Part 1

So Who Is This Jesus? - Part 1

Filmed in Israel and presented by Russell Boulter, this program presents a basic overview of God's preparation for and the life of Jesus for those who have no religious background. Part I: His Story Had a Long Preparation takes a look at the stories of Abraham, Moses, and the Prophets as preparation for Jesus' coming.