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Billy Words: Straight Talk

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At 27, Billy Schneider was trapped in a world of cocaine and heroin. Every time he was released from prison, he vowed to stay drug free but usually returned to the drug scene within hours. The federally funded Methadone program he was on did not help to free him from the bondage -- rather, it supplied him with free drugs in synthetic form, as well as free medical care and welfare. In desperation he climbed to the top of the George Washington Bridge, some 450 feet above the Hudson River, and threatened to jump. He just wanted some help. He just wanted to be heard. Traffic was at a standstill for more than five hours until he was talked down and subsequently hauled off to a mental institution. That was the first step in Billy's journey to faith in Christ. He went on to share his personal experiences in high schools across the nation. Here, Billy tells his miraculous story, even as he struggles with cancer and AIDS, consequences of his past. You will be inspired and challenged by his testimony.
Billy Words: Straight Talk - Episode 1

Billy Words: Straight Talk - Episode 1

A drug addict desperate for help, he threatened to jump from the George Washington Bridge unless someone would listen to him. Here is Billy Schneider's story in his own words.