Colossians: One Jesus, One People Video Study

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In this six-session study, author and pastor Jay Kim guides small-group members through Paul’s letter to the believers in Colossae, revealing what his words meant to his original readers … and how they apply to us today. The letter to the believers in Colossae contains a message that’s urgent today—a message of unity among the followers of Christ; a message of thanksgiving and spiritual fullness in a broken world; a message that shows us how to live as the people who are made alive in the one true Christ. This study guide has everything you need for a full Bible study experience, including: The study guide itself—a 40 Day reading plan through Colossians with discussion and personal reflection questions, video notes, and a leader’s guide. Participants will be encouraged as they listen to Jay’s teachings and, through the accompanying study guide, challenged to read Colossians on their own during the forty days in the study.