The Servant King: Isaiah 40–55

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This course examines, in detail, Isaiah 40–55. This section of the Bible is one of the greatest poems ever written. The poem provides a wonderful picture of the God who is the Creator of heaven and earth. He is also the covenant God of Israel. However, at the time of writing this poem, everything seemed to have gone wrong for Israel. Israel was in exile due to its own disobedience. But this poem provides the big picture of God saying, “It is OK; we are going to sort it out.” While Isaiah 52 and 53 often get the most attention, the entire section of Isaiah 40–55 provides the context for the so-called “Suffering Servant” section. This context is of critical importance because God intends, through the servant, to make all things new. The whole poem is about how God brings about New Creation in contrast to the ruins in which Israel lived. Of course, this whole poem from Isaiah 40 to Isaiah 55 is quoted many times in the New Testament. We have a glimpse of how the faithfulness of God is finding expression in and through Jesus the King. We see how God’s way of turning tragedy into victory becomes a focus of the biblical narrative.