Fun & Adventure with Chapter & Verse

Bible Agent 7 is the Christian cartoon where gumshoes uncover the gospel truth.


Sleuths for the Truths

Bible Agent 7 is a fun cartoon on a serious mission: to spark kids’ curiosity about the Bible so they can spend a lifetime exploring the Word.

As parents, we want something that captivates our children, engages their curiosity, and focuses their attention on what will continue to deliver meaning for the rest of their lives: The Bible.

Faithlife has been making Logos Bible Software for 25 years because, simply put, we find the Bible fascinating. And like you, we want to pass that fascination with God’s Word on to the next generation. We want to help kids fall in love with God’s Word the way we have.



Who Solves the Whodunits

Bible Agent 7

Our hero and fearless leader. Bible Agent 7 uses her quick wits, Bible know-how, and “tech-pertise” to decipher, decode and discover the truth at the bottom of each great mystery.

The Nose

The wannabe Watson to our heroine’s Holmes, The Nose is a talking dog whose strong sense of smell is much more acute than his powers of deduction. His detective skills are iffy, if not “ruff.”


Spark is a cybernetic bird, or “Cybird,” and Bible Agent 7’s lab assistant. Though he is very effective at operating the lab’s complex technology, his critical thinking is always a bit…flighty.

Dr. Squid

Dr. Squid is a cephalopod of scientific genius. His Methuselah-like longevity and Solomon-like smarts give the team first-tentacle accounts of Bible stories courtesy of the good doctor’s age and ingenuity.

Captain Flotsam

Captain Flotsam is a talking pirate sock who’s been separated from his mates. In his search to find them, he pairs with Bible Agent 7—who ultimately opens the captain’s eye to The Word.


Consult the Case Files

Episode 1

The First Mission

Operating out of their secret lab in the Bermuda Triangle, Bible Agent 7 and the gang must work with the mysterious Captain Flotsam to find a missing Bible Agent...but will their combined skills and smarts be enough to unravel this riddle?

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Episode 2

Covenant Cream Pie

Using their computers, advanced technology, and knowledge of Scripture, Bible Agent 7 and her team are able to decipher Bible Agent 4’s code, leading them right to his location. But when they find him, they also discover that he’s not alone.

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Episode 3

The Big Search

Bible Agent 7 and team explore dark, ancient ruins, searching for Bible Agent 4's missing briefcase. But along the twists and turns of adventure, they discover the big pitcure of how God is redeeming mankind by exploring the first books of the Bible!

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Cracking the Code to Kids’ Curiosity

Children are naturally curious. You don’t have to teach them to wonder, to question, or explore. It’s just the way God made them.

But what are we using to feed our kids’ curiosity? What are we doing to shape their deep-seated passions and loves?

The desire to answer these questions led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind kids’ show: Bible Agent 7. Inspired by the captivating discoveries—and yes, the fun—found in studying Scripture, this cartoon series is designed to show children that exploring the Bible isn’t just another Christian “duty” . . . it’s a delight!